Book! I meant book!

As is my custom when out scouring the shops and antique malls for movie memorabilia I snap a ton of pictures and often focus on movie/book tie ins. Here’s the latest edition of what the camera on my cell phone has accumulated.

1963’s cover art for Brando’s latest release.

Jack Lemmon has a taste for the ladies in this comedy of the same year, 1963. 

Sticking with Jack, maybe this comedy opposite Virna Lisi is more to your liking.

When Bette Davis met Paul Henreid and melted the hearts of movie goers in 1942. 

Why not an adventure with the singing cowboy, Gene Autry?

Consider the possibilties….. hmmmm. And what’s this about again? I’ve still never seen this movie. Any fans?

Christopher Lee on the cover means I not only snapped the picture but handed over my dollar. 

Gary Cooper’s entry for 1958 comes from a National Book Award Winner.

I guess if you’re a fan of author Wilbur Smith, you’ll have an opinion of the films starring Lee Marvin, Roger Moore, Rod Taylor and Jim Brown.

I can still recall seeing this one on it’s network TV debut. Just another reason I always liked James Brolin movies of the era.


I’m a fan of this 1970 release that pits Connery and Harris against each other.

There’s a whole lot of talent inside these pages for just .35 cents. 

Again here’s another find that found it’s way to my shelf due to the fact that I collect most nostalgic items featuring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. Near mint condition which made my day.

Now in closing let me explain before I give anyone out here the wrong impression. If you’ve visited Mike’s Take on occasion you know I collect specific subjects and genres of movie memorabilia. No I don’t make a habit of collecting old magazines one might have considered risqué. You know, the kind that Alan Alda’s Hawkeye Pierce loved to have by his bedside in the “swamp.” No sir but I do collect all things that have to do with Hammer Films and here are a couple of magazines that literally leapt off an antique dealers display case into my eager hands. Or did I leap at them? 

That’s Ursula Andress in She on the cover of this 1965 edition of “Modern Man Quarterly.” A definite throwback to simpler times and healthy looking volleyball players. The other cover is the October 1970 edition of Playboy featuring the Collinson twins. So who out there knows why I added this Hugh Hefner special to my collection of Hammer goodies?