For me The Blue Max represents one of those big scale war films that would play repeatedly on late night television back before we had the VHS tape at our fingertips. It starred George Peppard as the young ace pilot looking to capture the Fatherland’s Blue Max for his skills against enemy fighter pilots high above the battlefields during the first world war. The film was directed by John Guillermin who had graduated from guiding Tarzan films (including one of the best post Weissmuller films, Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure) to this big budgeted effort. He’d continue on into the 1970’s directing a pair of equally large scale films, The Towering Inferno and 1976’s King Kong.

What exactly do I mean when I say “reconstructing” The Blue Max that also starred Ursula Andress who had achieved international fame just four years prior in Dr. No and the celebrated James Mason? Well to be honest I’m not reconstructing the film but rather a billboard sized movie poster that I came across in my travels for movie memorabilia.

Alongside Number 2 Son, Kirk, we approached this as if we were building an oversized jigsaw puzzle on the fall mats that will serve as our canvas where he teaches karate to children of all ages.

So like any sane person doing a jigsaw puzzle one has to shift through the pieces to get and idea of where you want to start.

And so we began…..

Rounding into form….

‘Yeah I think it goes there, Kirk.”

“A little to your right.”

Taught him everything he knows when it comes to jigsaw puzzles….

A stunning addition to the poster collection here at Mike’s Take and one I won’t be hanging in my office anytime soon.

Unlike Roy Scheider in Jaws, Kirk is willing to get in the photo to give us an idea of just how big the shark …. I mean just how big the poster is.

A few close ups of this beautiful piece.

Been years so it might be time to revisit this big budget effort made at a time when George Peppard was one of Hollywood’s rising leading men.