Thankfully Malcolm McDowell has given his consent to allow me to borrow his personal time machine that he used to great acclaim in the Nicolas Meyer sci-fi adventure Time After Time. A movie that I consider my favorite time traveling big screen adventure. Haven’t seen it? Please find yourself a copy and enjoy the story of Malcolm as H.G. Wells following David Warner’s Jack the Ripper through time to modern day San Francisco that also sees Mary Steenburgen as Malcolm’s love interest.

There’s only room for one more so who wants to join me at the movie theaters and drive-ins of 1968? Climb aboard and let’s go see what’s playing.

It would appear as if we’re too early to see this new Steve McQueen action thriller but if we don’t head back to soon, we can go this coming Tuesday to the grand opening.

I can save us the time where The Magus is concerned. Despite the participation of Caine and Quinn, it’s a rental. Think anyone in 1968 knows what that means?  Anyone for singing along with Dick Van Dyke and riding in a flying car?

That’s a hell of cast signed on for the bizarre Candy.

Plenty of enjoyment for us Walter Matthau fans to be found at local theaters.

Zhivago in re-release or the latest Disney live action feature?

Dean Martin, The Beatles with a Kirk Douglas movie in support at the drive-in or how about seeing The Duke’s latest big screen effort? How about Funny Girl or one of my favorites, the Jimmy Stewart western Shenandoah?

Looks like I’m stuck in 1968 till at least New Year’s Eve cause I’m not about to miss that triple feature playing at the drive-in. A Mario Bava classic, a Christopher Lee thriller and a low budget bonus starring Mickey Hargitay to boot.

Hey, I thought Burlesque went out in the 1930’s? Apparently not because in downtown Toronto during the final week of 1968, it was alive and well on Spadina at Dundas.

If not Joanne Woodward and Audrey Hepburn in a double feature then how about another drive-in triple bill. The Fountain of Love starring some gals from Germany, a tempting Jayne Mansfield feature followed by a Guy Madison adventure from Italy.

Kubrick anyone?

I’ve heard about that director Radley Metzger but aside from his Cat and the Canary I’ve never seen any of his … shall we say risqué titles. We couldn’t have timed this trip better because we can catch the Premiere Engagement if we pass up The Fixer and Kate Hepburn.

Another hilarious effort from Peter Sellers should be considered time well spent.

I know I know. The Graduate is playing but let’s think this though. If we go see Skidoo then I can also catch Villa Rides that stars three of my all time favorite actors. I mean really, when do we get to see Yul Brynner, Robert Mitchum AND Charles Bronson in the same film on the big screen? Yup that cinches it. Viva Villa!

While I can’t speak for you, there’s no way in hell I’m going back in time to visit movie theaters watching classic films and not talk some theater manager out of a poster just in time for the trip forward to 2019. So this souvenir shouldn’t come as a surprise.