Time for a trip back to another time when movie theaters offered a little more variety for one’s viewing pleasure. Have a look and date yourself if you like. It’s ok, you don’t have to admit to seeing any of these titles during their original release. But do have some fun reminiscing.

Here’s a treat for the drive in crowd.  Starts Friday.


Rupert Pupkin vs. Jerry Lewis. I was there!


What are the odds? I snuck into this drive in theater to see this one in the back of one of those shaggin’ wagon styled vans that populated the roads back in the early 80’s. Me and two other youngsters cajoled our hockey coach into taking us. Those were the days. Not only that but we got to see Fulci’s Zombie as well as the mustached vigilante wipe out the latest vermin to lay their hands on his family.


Malcolm or Chuck? I know what your thinking……… what’s playing at the other end of town.


Here’s positive proof that 3D features are nothing new.


Yes sir. I saw this one. I often refer to this one as my favorite of the Moore era. Perhaps it’s because I saw it in the theater.


I may have seen Death Wish 2 prior to turning 18 but not this one.


For the art house crowd and us Herzog fans.


What’s not to love when you have this kind of selection. The sexy Cat People, the gorgeous Excalibur, Disney or Corman. All under one multiplex.


Truthfully, I don’t know if this one lived up to the hype in the add.


Did this help to stir the memories?