December 26th arrives and it’s time to mine the many images of movie stars who put on a pair of boxing gloves for exercise or in the course of an acting job. It’s a fun journey back to those who looked the part of a bona fide artist of the sweet science or those who are simply poking fun or getting a workout in the bargain. For a look at the previous four rounds and those featured just lead with a straight left jab followed by right hook to the ribcage.

Now let’s climb thru the ropes and dazzle the crowd with our footwork on the canvas.

For nostalgia fans how about boxing great Jack Dempsey giving a lesson to Rudolph Valentino on form and jabbing versus Gentleman Gene Delmont.

Boxing gloves? No need if your name is John Wayne or just plain Duke to the world at large.

Ricardo Montalban has the look of a killer as he awaits the bell.

One look at this picture and I’m cracking up as I recall the pleasures that the Carol Burnett Show brought into our home where she was joined regularly by the genius of Tim Conway and Harvey Korman.

Don Knotts looks suitably petrified that “The Greatest” might turn on him at any moment.

Who dares to get in the cage with Bronson for a bare knuckle match? Notice the sly grin? Charlie’s got him right where he wants him.

Funnyman Donald O’Connor looks finished but who’s that guy center stage giving instruction?

Seriously, if you’re not sure who that future icon is just check out this patented Clint Eastwood look as his fist is about to come at you in 3-D like fashion.

Lou Gossett gives as good as he gets while con men James Woods and Oliver Platt handle the scam in Diggstown.

Now it’s time to get real like it did for George Foreman in 1974 at The Rumble In The Jungle. It’s when Muhammad Ali famously employed the rope-a-dope technique in Zaire to take out Big George by knockout in the 8th round.

Till next year…… Do your best to avoid all the uppercuts life throws at you and have a Happy Boxing Day!