Yes it’s off to London, Ontario, Canada and to the summer of 1974 for a flashback to some classic films and maybe a few that aren’t so classic that I’d love to see on the big screen. Please feel free to climb aboard my reconstructed Rod Taylor styled time machine with plenty more seats than he had available for his journey in the 1960 film.

And we’re off……

A double bill from Hong Kong to get the party started with Angelo Mao kicking ass and delivering justice complimented by Triple Irons. A film I know nothing about.

Well let’s just say you’ll be sure to find me at the 401 Drive-In catching Bronson vs. Lettieri in a watermelon patch and Sean Connery’s not quite final performance as Bond ….. James Bond. Ah, the good old days.

According to the critics, this Jack Nicholson – Faye Dunaway movie must be damned good.

Truthfully I think The Sting is the best film of the bunch here but let’s think this thru before picking a title. Could this be the last time that a Bowery Boys movie ever played a big screen? Yes Spook Chasers with Huntz Hall and the Bowery Boys is playing in support of McQueen’s Papillon! I’d never have believed it if I hadn’t travelled back in time and seen it with my own eyes.

Some double bills are just hard to avoid and to see Macon County Line and Barbara Hershey’s Boxcar Bertha in a double bill is movie heaven.

More Drive-In fare including Sinbad, some adult film called Night Legs and most importantly a chance to see The Stone Killer on the big screen.

No need to travel back the 40’s to see a some great musicals, we can catch some of the best numbers over at The Park on Dundas.

Enter the Dragon on the big screen is an absolute must. Anyone know the other film? Should we make it a double bill?

O.K. who brought along the kiddies? For 75 cents we can treat them to some old fashioned entertainment.

Barbara, Mel or join Peter and Susan on the run. What’s your fancy?

Seriously, I didn’t travel thru time to join the trenchcoat crowd over at the International Cinema but if you feel the need to see exactly what sexacolor is on film, you’ll find me watching Mr. Majestyk over at the 401.

ROLL CALL! Time to board the time machine and get back to the present. In case anyone is wondering how I got this poster in the machine, it’s because we left “you know who” over in the red light district watching a sexplosion of fun. You know me, I see a movie poster and I just gotta have it