Western fans rejoice! I’d be in my glory taking in five westerns we all know and love playing at the same time in downtown Toronto if I could go back to this date in time. Complimented by Oscar winners, kiddie pictures, foreign flavors and of course a selection for the rain coat crowd.

First up is a movie I haven’t heard of but a quick bit of research tells me it’s a time capsule to the past when young men were drafted by the military and Vietnam loomed in their future. Some might be looking for a way out besides moving to Canada. The title should explain everything.

If this doesn’t get your mouth watering for a spaghetti dinner I’m not sure what will. Clint in back to back action as The Man With No Name. A sure fire way to get me out of the house and that’s just the beginning of this western flavored night at the movies.

While I’ll admit I haven’t seen this one, I can’t say I feel like I’m missing out. Anyone care to convince me I’m long overdue?

Gregory Peck headlines a double bill but having seen both films years later, it’s George C. Scott I’d much rather revisit if given the choice between the two.

I came to the Alan Arkin party long into his career and really should make an effort to have a look at his earlier work. Like this one.

Stuck with the kiddies and can’t make it to the Clint double bill? Here you go. If I might suggest My Side of the Mountain for purely selfish reasons. It’ll give us a chance to once again sit in and watch Lemmon and Matthau as The Odd Couple.

The days of the music documentary brought Jimi Hendrix to the screen. And how about Run Angel Run and where the hell’s William Smith’s name in the add!

Something a bit different for Maximilian Schell but I can’t wholeheartedly recommend this one unless you’re bringing along the children.

Time to choose an award winner for a night out at the movies. To change it up I’m picking Charly as I’ve still never seen Cliff Robertson’s Oscar winning performance.

Back to the western. True Grit and the buzz about Duke’s role as Rooster is already causing insiders to whisper this is the ONE that’s gonna get him an Oscar. You’ll find me in the line out front of the box office.

Foreign fare of a different kind from as far off as Sweden is sure to get the college boys emptying their pockets provided they’ve got the I.D. to get in past those Restricted barriers. None of these films reside here in the vault at Mike’s Take and from what I gather are all rare and hard to find. Lost to time I suppose.

Here’s a title featuring Mr. Poitier I haven’t seen either. Guess I’m too focused on the westerns currently playing which might explain the lack of focus on this picture.

Getting back to the western. When cornered I usually fall back on four or five westerns if pushed to come up with a favorite. I hate to pick just one but of the ones that I love to passionately discuss, would you believe two of them are playing right now at the local theater. Sure hope they’re playing the full length version of this classic from Sergio Leone and not the sliced and diced version I’ve been reading about. The stunning Claudia Cardinale surrounded by Fonda, Robards and Bronson. Get your money out cause we’re catching this one on the big screen. Just a matter of which second feature you want to sit in on so you pick the venue.

If the Leone film isn’t exciting enough then look no further than the other western that hit the screens in 1969 with a viciousness unseen in westerns up to this point in time. I’m talking of the legendary Sam Peckinpah’s classic that gave us the battle of bloody porch and a cast to die for.

Now if you’ve hung around this long here’s the rain coat features as promised. Like those Swedish imports, I suspect these ones are lost to time as well. There is a Japanese movie from 1968 called The Sex Check listed on the IMDB with 23 votes scored. Who knows? As for The Secret Life of an American Wife which is playing alongside dancers Misty Haze and company, I can’t really believe it’s the 1968 Walter Matthau comedy. But again, who knows?

Well that’s it for this time travel edition to the movie houses of 1969 in downtown Toronto. What’s your preference? 

P.S. Just cause I said I’d rather watch that George C. Scott flick versus Peck in The Chairman doesn’t mean I don’t love the poster. Awesome artwork on this original one sheet.