Talk about a celebration! Not only was my beloved Canada celebrating it’s 100th year but theaters in Toronto, Ontario had an amazing line up of movies for everyone to choose from. This might be the best selection of titles to play at any given time during the calendar year and that’s saying a lot considering Bonnie and Clyde and Cool Hand Luke are not among the featured titles. One of the great things about movie selections of the past are the fact that movies would play in rerelease which pretty much died out once the home video market opened up.

So let’s begin by singing Happy Birthday to Canada and Canadians everywhere. Now would you like your celebratory Martini shaken or stirred? Perhaps you’d rather see a motion picture with Rex, Susan and some sting in it?

The latest from Burton and Taylor?

Spend the afternoon treating the kiddies to the latest Jerry Lewis offering. And shockingly it’s paired at the drive in with The Great Sioux Massacre. Just doesn’t seem to fit.

If not Jerry then maybe the young ladies would like to see the King’s latest outing where he’s sure to sing a song, kiss a girl and throw a punch.

I’d have a tough time here but my heart goes with Christophe Lee so it’s off to see Fu.

Take your pick when it comes to which Julie Andrews feature you want to catch.


If not Miss Andrews how about Shirley surrounding herself with a bunch of no name actors?

If this was offered at my local drive in …. who am I kidding, there are no local drive ins near me anymore. Still if there was I’d be lined up for this Vincent Price fright fest before you could say, “The castle lights are growing dim. There’s no one left but me and him. When next we meet at Frankenstone, don’t come alone.”

And again this proves to be a tough decision. Might need help on this one. Recommendations anyone?

Drive In choices keep coming at me. Tony, Claudia and Yul or take a shot at a pair of titles meant to scare my date right into my arms. What’ll it be?

That McQueen title The Sand Pebbles is on my list. It’s the one he scored his Oscar nomination for.

In one night I could hit both of the latest Duke films. One with Mitch and the other with Kirk. That’s an evening well spent!


A double bill for the daring featuring a Swedish Import from 1964 and Julie Christie.

Why not celebrate the 100th with a classic cartoon.

If not the cartoon then how about a little class in it’s 29th week no less!

Let’s not kid ourselves, I’ve already been to the theater at least a dozen times to see this one that finds Lee Marvin leading a fighting force that Sly Stallone could only have dreamed of when putting together The Expendables.

Still got a crush on Sabrina? Then check out her latest opposite Albert Finney.

Omar and Julie in rerelease anybody?

Now this selection of terrors might be the toughest decision to make. Which drive in double bill would you want to catch? Me? I’m all in for the one two punch from Hammer and the titles that started it all for them. Frankenstein and Dracula. Now where the hell did I park my time machine!

Su-Maru I’ve revisited with it’s own “take” but Master of Horror doesn’t even rate a plot synopsis over at the IMDB. Now I’m curious.

Can’t make your mind up there’s always a concert to attend if you prefer and check out those prices to see Harry Belafonte live!

Yes I always sneak one of these in from the red light district purely for historical purposes. While you do get to see Sin-Tana in the flesh, you can also catch the movie The Liquidator which is being screened according to the small print and should you be able to get a busload of people together, make sure you call for the group rate.

That’s all folks. So what will it be and at which theater might I see you on the 100th?