Looking through this newspaper once again has me wishing time travel was possible. Not only to see the amazing collection of films playing in Toronto theaters but to con my way into the box office and buy every one sheet I can get my hands on to transport them “back to the future.” They’d be here safe in the vault and in like new condition.

Lets see what’s playing and plan our nights on the town shall we.

War hero Audie Murphy honing his western skills is sure to grab my attention. I assume the co-feature Honeychile is practically a lost title. On the IMDB it carries no plot description and has scored just 13 voters for it’s 6.5 rating.

An all new adventure with Errol Flynn complimented by a Brian Donlevy western might work. Who wouldn’t love to turn the clock back to the days of the double bills. Feast your eyes on these choices for a two for one. Gary Cooper and Donald O’Connor fans have plenty of opportunity here and that double bill with Yvonne De Carlo and Errol Flynn has caught my eye.

More double bills to choose from. Skelton? Crosby? Cagney? What’s your taste?

A sure fire way to get me to the movie theater? Mitchum vs. Ryan complimented by Liz Scott. A Noir fan’s dream team. Also note the bonus feature of seeing a Three Stooges short and a hockey documentary. That seals the deal. I need to borrow a time machine!

Films in rerelease? Not nationally anymore. How about a trip back in time to 1952 to visit the  Victoria Theater to take a trip further back in time to 1939 to see Charles Laughton’s classic take on Quasimodo? Love that bonus feature from Val Lewton. A must see double bill.

Bob Hope never seems to have trouble finding the most beautiful women for co-stars. Hedy Lamarr just might top the list. Any Dana Andrews fans in the house?

John Wayne in Flying Leathernecks kind of grabs me. I’d also like to see that Robert Newton feature that is a late release here in Canada having been filmed in ’46. Note the exploitation nature of the tag line for the premiere of Native Son.

Warranting a full length add is the return engagement for The red Shoes. Must be something special.

Giant dinosaurs? Yup. I’m off to see The Lost Continent. The co feature from overseas stars some young guy who is supposedly gonna be big. Last name is Burton I think.

Seriously. Who wouldn’t want to go see the new western with Jimmy Stewart? Look at the cast that joins him. There’s just no way I’d miss this one and to honest with you, if I was around in 1952 I’d have seen it the previous week when it debuted on opening night. You wouldn’t see me waiting till the 2nd WEEK as the add points out.

That headline across the top caught my eye. It turns out that King George VI was buried on this same day, Feb. 15th, 1952.  I should also stop to point out just how many British imports are playing in Canadian theaters at this time. England being Canada’s Mother if you will. Now count me in for that double bill rereleasing Jesse James and The Return of Frank James. 

Circle of Danger being another of those imported features with Ray Milland headlining. Now I’m off to see Martin and Lewis in That’s My Boy playing with Cameron Mitchell’s Flight to Mars. Can it get any better than that?????

I ask you again, does anyone have a time machine I can borrow for a week’s worth of movies?