Look around you the next time you happen to go to an antique or flea market. Tiny shops that might have some old advertising signs or framed pictures. Doesn’t mean you have to buy all the movie related memorabilia you might spot within these time capsules but there’s no harm in taking a picture and enjoying the feel good memories they might bring back to you.

Here’s something I never knew existed and while I don’t endorse the product, I thought this was an amazing find though I’m not a collector of cans so I did pass on it. Mostly due to the cost. Did you know that Eddie marketed his own Pipe Blend?


Isn’t that Robert Stack on the cover of Science and Mechanics? Did you know he was a champion skeet shooter before he ever appeared on film?

The world of soundtracks can be quite collectible. Can I let you in on a secret? When I was a youngster exploring the world of movies and already collecting movie posters by the age of ten, I used to think that these LPS used to contain the actors voices reciting the script. Kind of like a DVD with no picture. Just like listening to a movie from another room without ever seeing the TV.


Anyone up for some relaxing time with a Patty Duke coloring book?

This retro piece you might find in a restaurant or maybe even a man cave features one of the great stars of the studio era. I wonder how many people realize it as they walk around these markets. Do you know who he is?

A gorgeous one sheet from 1933 and a movie I’m not familiar with. Sorry about the glare.

Now playing at the Roxy, it’s Mae with Warren and Randolph for 3 nights only.

You can usually count on a bunch of framed ads sliced and diced from Life Magazines and other periodicals of the time period.



And of course Elvis. It’s near impossible not to get three strides into a flea market without spotting the King. And again, and again and …..


and more originals……

From Steve Reeves to Victor Mature.


Lastly I thought this was pretty cool. Anyone wanna catch Milton Berle  or Ed Sullivan this weekend on a 1954 TV with the original bill of sale to match?


What did I come home with? One of those early versions of the home video medium. So what’s your latest flea market find that fits in with the classic movie theme?