With the advent of home video, any film that seemed to break even at the box office was destined to have not just a part 2 but the full trilogy treatment and beyond. Tremors, Trancers, Ninjas, From Dusk Till Dawn, The Puppet Master, The Prophecy and so on and so on. Many of these sequels bypassed the theaters and would arrive on the shelf of my local video store every Tuesday which in my part of the world was release day. Or was it Thursday? It’s not like there are any stores left around here that I can go check out.

Do you have a favorite Part 3? Remember the title has to include the number 3 or Roman Numeral version so you can’t pick Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade or Return of the Jedi. Well maybe Jedi, didn’t George Lucas change all these titles around to give them numbers? Damned confusing to me. Anyway, on to the posters and no one said anything about these movies being classics.

Haven’t seen this one in quite some time but I do recall it creeped the heck out of me. And George C. Scott always gets my attention. Always.

Just when I thought Leonard Nimoy had given up and retired from the Star Trek universe along comes The Search For Spock. In case you’re wondering the answers is NO. It’s not nearly as good as The Wrath of Khan.

Here’s a no brainer…… Part 3 now add the D = 3D



Saw it once so maybe I’m overdue to look at this one more time.

I’m a big fan of Psycho II but can’t say I was overly impressed with Norman or Tony in their third outing. “Killer” poster though.

Sly Stallone and sequels? Perish the thought.


Action and horror seemed to represent the majority of these part 3’s and look no further than Chuck Norris for proof. This time out Chuck rescues all the little orphans that got left behind. No seriously. Check it out. At gunpoint no less.

Minus Michael Myers, Halloween 3 was the Season of the Witch.

Cheating? I guess but it does use the word trilogy in the poster and I like this series so I’m bending my own set of rules on this one.

Here’s a Christopher Lee special I don’t think played any theater near our town but did turn up at the corner store. Same goes for the Howling flick.


Isn’t Burt Reynolds the Bandit? If he’s at it again how come he’s not on the poster? Oh yeah, he didn’t really star in this one did he?

Money making hits with Mel, Danny, Jackie and Chris packed the theaters and home video stores.


Let’s not forget Arnold. Even if the movie itself is best forgotten.

If you guessed Death Wish 3 than you’d be right. The only reason I threw this mixed bag of titles together is so I could reach back into the vault here at Mike’s Take to showcase an original one sheet for the Charles Bronson vigilante blood fest that has taken on a cult following. Cause let’s be honest here. The movie isn’t very good but seems to be the response I often get when people name their favorite Death Wish. I guess the cartoon violence and endless one liners are to most people’s liking. 

Any favorite in here? How many of these not so classics have you seen? Did I miss something I shouldn’t have?

Cheers and keep on watching.