Today was a day to indulge in seeing if I could afford to add a few titles to the vault here at Mike’s Take. While I did score a trio of titles that interested me, I’m not ashamed to admit there were plenty more I’d loved to have made my own but a budget restraint reared it’s ugly head. While I’m not looking for competitor’s to race me out to a local memorabilia show, it is a great idea to check these novelty shows out should you be wondering just where to score some fabulous one sheets or lobby cards.

Here’s a sampling of what was available today from a top notch collector who buys and sells. I could have flipped through these all day if there was more than the selection he took to today’s show. Care to guess which two of these had a $500 tag on them? I’ve placed their photo’s side by side in the pairings below.

I’ll start with these two I’d love to add to the collection. What’s more explosive? Jack Palance or the grenade? Love that Jimmy Stewart one sheet and the film itself has long been a favorite.


“B” westerns from the 60’s or singing cowboys were well represented.


Looking for a Dick Clark bonanza or a classic Fabian image?


For the Mad Max cult or those that love Miss Audrey. Something for everybody.


Who knew that Helen Mirren was a hussy or that George Hamilton could sing?


Let’s not forget the Noir fans with this pair of titles featuring some cool artwork.


Man made transportation? Jets or Tanks. Name you’re preference. If Virginia Mayo sits next to me on the plane then you know what my pick will be.


Classic Heston and latter day Holden. These ones really caught my eye.


Bikers, Jerry and the Duke on the top half of a double bill.


As for yours truly, I went with three affordable titles one of which was a no brainer if you know me well enough by now. A couple of westerns and what many consider to be high camp ruled the day with Reed, Hackman, Bronson, Mitchum, Brynner and Miss Faye. While I usually stick my mug into most of my vault picks, I thought this time I’d let a new addition to the family take those honors for the day. Introducing Brando the Dachshund.

Here’s the close-up that any star of Brando’s magnitude should come to expect.

Aside from little Brando, Any one of these posters grab your eye? How about $500 worth?