More fun discoveries from hours of shifting through boxes and shelves in thrift stores and roadside sales and a bonus gift from a client that made my day.

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How about Bond….. James Bond on the cover.


Not sure who is starring in this one? Flip it to the back cover for the credits.


Have adventure in mind? Love this Gene Autry cover.

A selection of westerns for fans of the genre. Meaning me.


Perhaps you like your westerns with a comical twist.


A classic and a not so classic? Care to pick which book you’d take on a long boat ride?


If not Ringo and Peter, would you settle for Benji?


A couple other rare sightings, panthers and sharks of a funny nature.


Lastly, I was gifted this film canister from a client who knows of my love for classic film memorabilia. He really had no idea of the significance of what was once held inside. Love the fact that the original sticker is still glued to the tin. We’re talking a classic Val Lewton chiller. Needless to say, this has now found a home here in the vault.


Till the next time, go and watch a good book or read a good movie.