My latest find while scouring antique shops for movie memorabilia was a Toronto Sun newspaper from way back when the Montreal Canadians were THE team to reckon with in the NHL and the Toronto Blue Jays were finally hatched. According to a history site I googled, it was on this same day that Rolling Stones Icon, Keith Richards, received a suspended sentence for heroin possession here in Canada.

So here’s a fun sampling of what one might expect to see on the local screens for a night out on the town.

Haven’t caught this one yet? It’s set to KO the Oscars and there’s already talk of a sequel or 2 or 3 or……

Remember the days when George Segal was a light comedic leading man and Jane Fonda hadn’t moved into Ted Turner’s mansion? Ed McMahon? Isn’t that the guy sitting on Johnny Carson’s couch?

Ben Johnson on the billboard, those were the days.

Do we go with the raunchy Feldman title or take the kiddies and see the Wilderness Family?

Over to the art house for a little culture and reading? Subtitles that it is.

How about that De Niro guy who is beginning to make waves with a pair of titles this month? Actually I’d kind of like to know more about those Two Torrid Shockers, They’re Coming to Get You and House of Psychotic Women now that I know I can see the other two by pressing play on my DVD player at a moments notice.


Network or Twilight’s Last Gleaming? Not even close. Burt Lancaster in a Robert Aldrich film scores my vote.

And say, isn’t that Burt again with Sophia Loren and Richard Harris? You go to the Streisand flick and I’ll catch the train to Cassandra Crossing.

Suspense and Horror vs. Clouseau? What’s your vote?

Back in the good old days when Clint aka Dirty Harry kept the streets safe and that Stephen King guy was new. Chatter Box? Look it up.

Love the Rex Reed quote on the ad for this one that I’ve yet to see.

Yes I do get a kick out of the ads for the “red light” crowd. Held over for a third week where the sex scenes are sizzling, it’s The Trouble With Young Stuff or in EROTICOLOR you can sit in on Class Reunion, it’s a SCORCHER! But look close in the top right corner of this photo and you may just wanna catch Fred “The Hammer” Williamson raising hell in Mean Johnny Barrows.

Not sure just yet? Here’s a story rundown on some of them more popular titles.

Have fun! See you next time.