As I continue to amass movie memorabilia, I commonly come across the novelizations of movies or novels rereleased with new cover jackets to capitalize on the film versions that are currently playing movie houses world wide. While I don’t collect too many of these dog eared curios, I do like to snap a picture for this on going idea, The Novel Idea. Like older movie posters, some of these are getting harder to find all the time depending on the title one might be looking for.

Previous celebrations of The Novel Idea can be found here.

Me, I just take them as they come so here’s the latest helping of movie tie ins and an Alberta stores John Wayne curio cabinet as a bonus.

How about we start off with a couple of early cowboys that rode the range and cashed in at the box office.

Buck Jones and Roy Rogers.


No I haven’t read either of these but I sure did enjoy Hollywood’s versions.


Anyone up for some old fashioned murder mysteries? Christie or Chandler? What’s your preference?


Would you prefer to read up on Kirk Douglas’s latest movie or the new one with Richard Crenna?


This one I recall seeing at the theater back in my school days.

Yup, I was a little tyke when Henry Winkler ruled the television world with his black leather jacket. Yet I’ve never seen this big screen release nor read the book.

Sure sounds like I don’t read many books when I look over the latest additions and this Arthur Miller selection is no different. As far as the film goes? I love every minute of it and totally respect it’s importance in film history. A must see. As for my reading habits? Those who know me know I’ve always got a book in tow and on the go.

As a curio for us John Wayne fans, I spotted a cabinet full of Duke merchandise while vacationing in the cowboy country of Alberta. I did need a new eyeglass case for my office at work. It’ll fit right in with the rest of the movie items that catch my guests eyes when sitting down to do business with yours truly.