I for one always take two consecutive weeks off my job every summer from the car dealership where I am employed here in Ontario, Canada and for the past four years since beginning Mike’s Take, I’ve continually posted articles throughout no matter where my time off took me. From the East Coast in Nova Scotia down through the states into Boston. Even from the island of St. Lucia. This time around I’ve decided to take a break here as well. In almost four years, I’ve yet to go more than one day without an article and from the start in December of 2013 thru last August of 2016, I had never missed a single day. Am I slowing down? More like speeding up it seems.

‘”Go west young man!” and so I am off to Calgary Alberta and up thru the mountains into Banff and Jasper then over to Edmonton to see some of my own beautiful country I’ve yet to experience. Should I see anything that’s somehow associated with movies, I’ll be sure to post it on my facebook page so have a look.

Guess it’s time to go find a cowboy hat and see if I can ride as nobly as Scott and McCrea do in hopes of entering my house justified.

Though somehow I suspect it’ll be more of a Don Knotts look and reaction as I board the plane.

On to the Holiday themed posters.

Yup, this is the first movie that sprung to mind.

And this the second…..

paging Christie Brinkley.

I guess I could join Walter Pidgeon and Roddy McDowall way down south.

As I’m heading west, maybe I’ll bump into Hoppy.

Always a fan of this Frederic March “title” I guess it’s about time I actually saw the movie.

Wouldn’t it be fun to turn the clock back and hang out with this pair while on vacation.

Will I find Kay taking her …..

Constance meets Basil when Sin Takes a Holiday.

Now if only we all lived by the Mae West credo.

Thanks to all for your continued support and comments. See you all in ten days or so.