Ok. You might have figured it out by now but when I’m out hunting for VHS tapes, DVD’s and other odd bits of movie paraphernalia, I like to snap pics of movie novel tie ins from years past. It also allows me to throw together a quick post when I’m not quite ready to go to press with a movie offering.

So here are a few of the latest paperback editions I’ve run across. Enjoy.

Can I hear a round of applause for this gritty flick starring a pre Jaws, Roy Scheider?

I know this isn’t a movie based tie in but that is the guy that starred in the 1973 classic thriller The Wickerman. It’s Edward Woodward as Callan.

It worked with Scott so why not throw Peck a corncob pipe?

Back when Michael Caine was considered a man of action he starred in this adaptation from director Don Siegel.

Take an old classic, throw a couple of contemporary stars on the cover and make a few more dollars.

If it worked for Fitzgerald, why not Tennessee?

Any fans? I really need to revisit this one. Aside from the obvious, all I remember is thinking this is way too long. It’s been years so maybe it’s time.

Why don’t we all just turn the clock back and have some fun with Lucy?

Grab a book and read a good movie. Until the next time………