I’ve been on my summer holidays now for close to two weeks and inevitably that allows me time to look for movies and odd bits of memorabilia and whatever else may catch my eye in the shops I frequent. Would you believe I happened across a newspaper dated Saturday June 11, 1949! It was from London Ontario and I kid you not, had to weigh almost 5 pounds.

I immediately set about looking for the “Now Playing” section and was quickly transported to another time. Anyone up for catching the latest George Raft action fest at the Odeon?


Check out who warranted a snap shot in the local write up on this Raft flick.


If you’ve a taste for the villainy of Laird Cregar, the dry George Sanders or the stunning Linda Darnell, then you may get more than you bargained for with these features below. You can also catch a Randolph Scott feature starting at noon!


If Randolph is your favorite, than get over to the Elmwood today at 2 for the all color matinee. And please note that starting Monday is Rachel and The Stranger starring that trouble maker Robert Mitchum I’ve been hearing a lot about. I’m more than confident that his costar Loretta Young can straighten him out.


How about checking out the latest Stephen McNally gangland flick and hey, isn’t that name down the cast list Anthony Curtis sounding familiar? I see Richard Jaeckel there as well so count me in! Please note that this Thursday the new boxing flick getting plenty of buzz is starting. It’s got that guy with the cleft chin…… Yeah, yeah……Kirk Douglas. They say he’s gonna be a big star.


I did say “a couple extras”…….

Who better than Lucas McCain himself aka Chuck Connors to lend his image to this rifle game that I vaguely recall seeing ads for as a kid.


Dale didn’t always have Roy around as this comic for a single dime demonstrates.


Finally something from the shelf here at home including an item I’ve had since I was a kid caught up in the excitement of The Planet of the Apes.