Now that the 2016 TCM Festival schedule has been released the decision process must begin. Thankfully due to the folks at TCM, I will be attending with my media credentials. I guess if I ever had taken the time to come up with a bucket list, a trip to both Hollywood and the festival would be in there somewhere. No need any longer.

As long as I’m able to stand I’m going to catch as many shows and celebrations as is humanly possibly. Sadly I can’t clone myself as I’ll have to make some tough decision along the way in choosing one film over another. One star over the other.

TCM Fest Poster2

So just what am I going see? Not such an easy question. I may need some help.

On opening day April 28th I’m hoping to see Harold Lloyd with a group of Lloyd fans for the 1925 classic The Freshman. If I can’t somehow find myself a seat then it’s off to see Miss Bette in Dark Victory.

One film that caught my eye is an Argentinian film thought lost from 1956 called Los Tallos Amargos. Apparently it’s a noir flavored flick. Something about long lost films being found that excites me. But then I’d have to give up on seeing Brief Encounter.

Friday bright and early offers this match up that will have to be decided upon.

Dietrich or Arthur?

Shanghai Express_03More-The-Merrier

I’m leaning to the magic of Dietrich on the big screen via Von Sternberg.

As the day progresses how about a precode William Powell title, Double Harness? No? Then perhaps I’ll settle for Garfield in He Ran All the Way. On second thought Lassie Come Home is a favorite and good friend Roddy McDowall stars. In a perfect world Roddy would still be with us. Can you imagine Roddy being involved in this festival yearly? Wouldn’t that have been something special.

I’d also like to sit in on Gina Lollobrigida introducing Trapeze.

Now here’s a dilemma.

jimmy stewart wonderful lifewarren oates glossy

Jimmy in It’s a Wonderful Life. A bona fide classic and all around favorite that would be fun to see with a group of fans. But anyone who visits this site knows I’m a big supporter of the character player and cult figure Warren Oates. It turns out the fest is playing a rare 1960 feature starring Warren titled Private Property. So it’s Stewart vs. Oates. Please leave your pick in the comment section below.

Whichever way it works out I’ll have to move along to catch Angela Lansbury and Alec Baldwin introduce The Manchurian Candidate. If that somehow doesn’t work out then I’ll catch Coop in The Pride of The Yankees.

For those that are reading this and attending, Roar playing at midnight is a definite eye opener for lovers of big cats.

Rise and shine it’s Saturday!

kirk in ace in the holeone mans journey half sheetbambi_and_thumper

Kirk, Lionel or the cartoon………. I can only pick one. Did I ever mention I have a son named Kirk? I’ve even threatened to get him a cleft chin for his birthday. Which title would you suggest?

The decisions are not going to get any easier on Saturday.

A Face in the Crowd or how about sitting in and listening to Carl Reiner talk of his Noir comedy Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid. But what about Jack in Cukoos Nest? For my money his greatest performance.

This day will also feature interviews with Burt Reynolds and Elliot Gould.

What film would you pick for this heavyweight tilt? Has to be one or the other.

war of worldshumphrey-bogart-and-lauren-bacall-big-sleep

Believe it or not I have a poster of Bogie in my office at work. I warn unruly clients that if they give me a hard time then I’ll have to call in Bogie promptly pointing to him on the wall.

From one decision to another.

Gould on stage introducing his take on Marlow in The Long Goodbye or the visually spectacular King and I with the legendary Yul?

gould long goodbyeyul-brynner-2

The day isn’t over yet…… Rocky? Claudette in Midnight? Lon and Bela facing off in Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. Which one is it going to be? If Sly suddenly announces he’s going to be there my two sons would be very upset if Dad didn’t attend. I’m totally open for suggestions here but I will say I haven’t yet seen Midnight.


If I can stay awake, 1954’s Gog in a special 3D screening is something I’d love to see at the midnight showing.

Sunday and still so many films to see and crucial decisions to make.

From the get go I’ll have to make a choice on a couple of well known gentleman from across the pond.

thefallenidoldenholm elliott4

It’s Richardson in a classic vs. Denholm in smell-o-vision!

I notice there is going to be a chance at appraising movie memorabilia. Should I bring my original 6 sheet of Night of The Hunter for an appraised value?

Time for a tough call but I think I know which way I’m leaning. Burt Reynolds introducing The Longest Yard or sitting in on an interview with Gina Lollobrigida. If I can’t find a seat at either of these then I’ll just grab a handful of tissue and sit in on Old Yeller and Beverly Washburn who appeared in the film.

beverly old yeller

For those who are interested, I saw Beverly a couple years ago at a screening of Spider Baby and she had plenty of great stories to share of her time making films with plenty of iconic film stars including Alan Ladd whom she appeared with in Shane

While this next match up would normally seem like an easy choice for this viewer I’m not so sure as Stacy Keach will be on hand to introduce Fat City. A film he starred in for the legendary John Huston and I should point out I haven’t seen it. But it’s Keach vs. The Duke. Huston vs. Ford!

keach in fat cityshe wore a yellow ribbon

There are plenty of other titles to think about, precode titles that I have a good idea who I can turn to for advice on, documentaries of interest as well including one on the Vitaphone shorts. I’ve been told by that same source on precodes and now a festival veteran that things may not play out as I initially hope. I may have to change films on the fly. I almost feel like I need to go into training to ensure I get from one theater to the next before the opening credits roll. Perhaps I should watch Rocky for inspiration before I even leave Canada!

Either way I’m going to make sure I have fun and meet as many film fans as possible. Should you be there as well don’t forget to say hi to the guy walking around with Canada displayed on his ball cap or a Blue Jays jersey on his back.

For a closer look at just what is playing over the course of the fest, click here to have a look and see for yourself how tough it might be to pick and choose your selections.

Please feel free to voice your opinions on any titles you think I had better sit in on and perhaps maybe even one I haven’t mentioned above if you’ve taken the time to follow the link to the full schedule.

Now it’s time to go find Peter and crash the closing party on Sunday night. “Birdie num num.”