O.k. I admit it. I love to show off the collectibles associated with movies I have amassed since I was given a weekly allowance. One of the great ways of doing this and one that is very affordable is collecting lobby cards. You can focus on so many different aspects of film in doing so. Collecting genres might be your thing. Horror titles are usually the ones way out of my budget due to the fan base so for me it’s snagging ones with actors I have followed since I was a kid. Guys like Richard Widmark.


Lobby cards came in sets of eight. They are numbered along the bottom of the image. That doesn’t mean one needs to collect the entire set for each film. As a matter of fact while collecting over the years it’s not the norm. So when given the chance I grab a complete set but generally I’m just happy to find some original lobbies with a favorite actor or scene pictured within. While I understand some are worth more dollars than others I look at it more from a fan’s perspective. I collect what I like and if something is more valuable then the next one, so be it.

Currently I’m reading the recently released bio on Robert Ryan. Here’s a shot of Bob and Shirley Booth.


The classic image of Rock in Seconds.


Moore vs. Kiel. Bond vs. Jaws.


Who wouldn’t want a Peter Cushing lobby?


A definite collectors item here. Wouldn’t you say so Barbara?


A classic image caught from this iconic film on lobby card number 6.


Losing our tempers as things get a little claustrophobic aboard the Orca with Roy and Robert.


“You’ll get your Iron Cross now, “Von” Ryan! ”


Do I collect Bronson lobbies? What do you think?