A trip to Boston and Salem added some flavor to the months opening. A rare visit to the movie theater for an updating of U.N.C.L.E. And where the hell was the Robert Vaughn and David McCallum cameo? Overall some good and some bad, some camp and some class. Give them a look see.

Meet Boston Blackie

Confessions of Boston Blackie

Boston Quackie


Weird Woman

Guns at Batasi


Safe House – I enjoyed this espionage flick where Denzel Washington may be the most evil spirited double agent on the planet. When he winds up in the hands of U.S. intelligence he finds himself in the care of novice agent Ryan Reynolds. They’ll find themselves on a madcap race to stay ahead of an unknown adversary and certain death. It’s a bloody violent ride that brings along Robert Patrick, Brenda Gleeson and Sam Shepard for the top secret games. Check it out if you haven’t already.

Escape to Burma


Daimajin – This was a great surprise.


Your Past Is Showing

Deadline U.S.A. – participating in the Barrymore Blogathon

josh brolin

Gangster Squad – Dig up the script for DePalma’s Untouchables, change a few characters and pick a new gangster and you have this gun toting tale of Josh Brolin and company trying to take down Sean Penn’s cartoonish Mickey Cohen. When I say cartoonish I mean that Penn looks made up to star in the next Dick Tracy flick if we ever see one. Ryan Gosling tags along and Robert Patrick takes the Connery role while Emma Stone plays a sexy vamp about town. It’s almost as if this fun gangster flick was to fit into the Marvel Universe of film making.


The Man From U.N.C.L.E. – No doubt differing from the original series I was glad to see that the movie still takes place in the sixties and the era of the cold war. Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer assume the lead roles of our teaming agents under Hugh Grants eventual guidance. Sexy Alicia Vikander adds support to this old school Bond like tale where the actors are having fun and winking at the camera. I enjoyed the villains, the soundtrack and a nod to Guy Ritchie for an entertaining night out at the movies.

The Colossus of New York

Borderline – Bronson vs. Ed Harris.

Ride Along – I liked the trailer to this Ice Cube/Kevin Hart comedy so gave it a shot. Cube pulls off the tough no nonsense cop perfectly while Hart gets me laughing at times though like Jerry Lewis he can overwork a joke and he recalls the early days of Eddie Murphy though he’s not as funny. Neither is Eddie anymore for that matter. A sequel coming at us so it must have turned a profit.

The Last of Robin Hood

Black Zoo

Where Have All the People Gone?

bad asses

Bad Asses On the Bayou – Lame third entry in the Danny Trejo series that has seen Danny Glover join him in the final two flicks. This time veteran John Amos comes along for some vigilante justice with plenty of one liner and sex jokes tossed in for what was supposed to be good measure. After enjoying the second in the series I have to say this one was a letdown though I still dig Danny Trejo’s screen image.

No Trace

Ike : Countdown to D-Day – Tom Selleck plays the lead here in a film that reminded me just a bit of Command Decision for you Gable fans. It’s all about the choices made at HQ and the planing involved in launching the large scale invasion during WW2. Selleck is fine but Gerald McRaney as Patton is no George C, Scott. Job well done in this made for cable effort. Nice to see James Remar in here as well.

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 27: Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton with Leslie Mann sighting on the set of "The Other Woman" on June 27, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Ignat/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

The Other Woman – Good fun here with Cameron Diaz teaming with her lovers wife (Leslie Mann) and his young mistress bikini babe Kate Upton to wreak havoc on his life and get their revenge on his womanizing ways. Don Johnson turns up in a fun role slightly larger than a cameo.

Rio Bravo – What’s not to like in Howard Hawks classic western with Duke, Dean, Ricky, Walter and of course Angie. Click here for more on the Duke Dozen.

The Helen Morgan Story

The Great Silence

Johnny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore


Hellraiser II – I saw the original film at the theater way back when and recall seeing Andrew Robinson aka Scorpio on screen. Never once have I sat and watched any of the numerous sequels till now. Should have stayed away. Other than some rather bloody good make-up this was a total wast of my time. Had a very nightmare on Elm Street feel to it. It goes for the in your face grotesque and I find that a turn off. Rather something in a comical vein like The Evil Dead for my gross out horrors.

Female on the Beach – A fine guilty pleasure!


Freelancers – Great to see Robert DeNiro back in a vicious role as a crooked officer of the law running a group of rogue cops out lining their pockets with cash thru drugs and any other means possible. The problem is the film wastes the opportunity of seeing DeNiro return to form. It’s a muddled effort with a good cast. Forest Whitaker, Curtis Jackson, Vinnie Jones and even Dana Delaney. Watch the trailer. It’s just as good and much shorter.

Total score. 31 Movies and one Daffy Duck cartoon. 11 of which were rewatches and one trip to the theater.