One last day here in Boston.

This title had me handcuffed till I gave it a spin on youtube. Then it all came flooding back from the memory banks of my childhood.

Growing up I was all about two types of cartoons. Fred Flintstone and the Warner Brothers catalogue of characters including our star of this colorful short, Daffy Duck. Daffy even gets to play it in heroic style for this entry versus the smart ass opponent of Bugs as was often the case.

I watched these religiously as a kid. I rarely missed the opportunity to catch the morning shorts before school or The Bugs Bunny Hour on the weekend.


In this warped Boston Blackie story we have Daffy in the title role. It’s quickly pointed out by our narrator that he is “A friend to those who need no friends and enemy to those who have no enemies.”

Quackie is on vacation in Gay Parrie with the lovely Mary (Duck I suppose) when Inspector Faraway or Porky Pig if you prefer approaches with a briefcase that Quackie must take possession of and delivery to an all important individual. Sure enough the case is promptly lifted by a man in a green hat.


It’s off to the Depot de Choo Choo to catch the Cloak and Dagger Express where comical hijinks ensue in fine Warners fashion and Mel Blanc voices. The porter on board even has a very Boris Karloff look to him and that stiff Frankenstein Monster walk.

There’s plenty of weird characters and vendors on board that can outfit you with all the necessary items a killer may need to inflict damage to his opponent. Daffy in his best Alan Ladd costume is sure to take a few pratfalls before the mystery comes to a halt.


I haven’t watched these too much over the past twenty years but they have stayed with me and watching this was like riding a bike. It all came back and I pegged the ending before we got there. Now of course I realized just whose voice was being parodied at the fade out. I won’t ruin it just in case but it’s one of “those” voices that there is no mistaking.

A fun revisit.