While I don’t really pay much attention to the music video anymore there was a time I frequently tuned in to the country music staion to see what was new. Many of the actors I followed dabbled in one way or another with country music. Or vice versa. Look no further than singers Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson for moving from music to the movies. See Songwriter as a solid example.

While the music of Michael Jackson was far removed from my musical circles, Vincent Price was and remains one of my favorite movie stars or “friend” as I quite often refer to him as. The fact that he turned up in the video Thriller was a huge event in the circle of classic horror film fans.


Here are a few titles to enjoy.

Billy Bob Thornton needs no introduction so here he is in a role that seems tailor made for his unique on screen presence in this rollicking good rockabilly styled tune from country artist Travis Tritt. I can’t hear this tune without reaching for my guitar and jamming right along with Travis.

Frequent western actor and all around country boy Harry Dean Stanton has dabbled in music for years singing and playing guitar in many of his on screen roles. Here he is bringing his acting style to a country song of loneliness and lost love by three of music’s iconic females.

Here’s one for those who like me live in a universe that is shared with the one and only Christopher Walken. As a country fan I have no idea what this music is all about but then I only watch it for Walken’s presence so who cares.

Lastly I have included a video like western movie featuring Willie Nelson singing and starring as the central figure in “Tougher than Leather.”