It’s no secret that I’ve amassed a great deal of posters and films. Years back I used to clip out all sorts of articles and newspaper ads and glue them in a book or just let them pile up. Never one to throw anything out I now have an outlet for some of these.

I do wish that at the time I had taken better care of them. But at that time when I still wasn’t old enough to drive a car who knew I’d still be following and reading about many of the same film stars to this day let alone writing my own recollections about them.

What I began to notice after unearthing all this articles are the cut up promos that are on the flip side. These alone can stir up movie memories from years gone by. Have a look.

On one hand you can see the fondly remembered Stand By Me and then next day catch Reform School Girls.

flip side 3

Before America fell in love with Jackie Chan we had to settle for……………

flip side 6

A bunch of titles I wouldn’t have been aloud to see at my young age on this flip side. Tattoo not to mention the flicks playing at the “adult” theater. But I did see All the Marbles on TV eventually. At the time Peter Falk was not my main focal point if you recall the title.

flip side 5

From Thursday August 28th, 1986. Here’s the weekly box office take list.

flip side 4

I also found this clipping of a Sinatra show from TV Guide.

flip side 1

Now for an interesting show on the flip side in the TV listings. Either you tuned in to Ol’ Blue Eyes or you checked out the other event for the night’s entertainment. Remember these? How about the list of names involved?

flip side 2