Since the dawn of cinema husbands and wives have been making movies together. Quite often it’s a case of two stars meeting on set and the love scenes they are acting in become all too real. Look no farther than perhaps the most famous couple of all. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton on the set of the big budget extravaganza Cleopatra.

It took Bacall to domesticate Bogie leading to perhaps the greatest of Hollywood’s love stories.

bogie and bacall

The lovely couple from England. Click here for my take on this wonderful film.


Paul wasn’t just passionate about car racing. History has proven that Joanne was his greatest passion.


Frolicking with Jill in the hayloft allowed Charlie a nice change of pace role.


Joan and Doug.

our modern maidens

How about Joan and Franchot? Note the billing on both posters. hmmmmmm.


Tony and Janet. Was there a better looking couple on screen?


Even Ronnie and Nancy.


Orson stepping aside and allowing lovely Rita the full poster. Stunning.

lady from shanghai

And let’s not forget the legend of Liz and Dick.

the VIPS poster