When growing up in the seventies/eighties one didn’t have the internet to just pull up facts on the computer screen pertaining to the monster films that I continually scoured the TV Guide each week in hopes of discovering a late night showing. The Universal series of films coupled with the Hammer titles fueled my imagination as to what terrors awaited me at the end of the dark hall on the way to my bedroom after everyone else had gone to bed.

Discovering the monster magazines in a downtown comic book store turned out to be a wonderful way to bring the images home and no publication did it better than the covers from the classic era of the Forest J. Ackerman magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland. Where else could one see the monsters and ghouls that Boris, Bela, Lon and the rest of the famed actors associated with the genre had portrayed in one sitting?

While I haven’t dug out that closet yet I am sure that I must have a good fifty issues tucked away. Here are a few of the classic covers.

famous 63

famous 135

famous 64

famous 103

famous 131

famous 67

famous 92

Lastly the lovely couple.

famous 112