Rory Calhoun seemed to be an actor who could work well in most any genre that producers threw at him in the days of the studio system. During his early years like many others he was apprenticing in smaller roles and learning his craft. His eventual destination looking back was the western genre as it hit it’s peak.

While he seemed to get smaller roles in “A” productions (How to Marry a Millionaire) it was the “B’s” where he flourished till the western craze died down and the Italian invasion took hold. I took note later on when in 1992 he turned up in the George Straight movie Pure Country which I saw at the theater.

Tangling with Neville Brand and a gorgeous Yvonne makes for solid western adventure.

raw edge

Anytime Gilbert Roland turns up to lend support to the leading man gets my attention.


Having his past and James Gregory coming back to haunt him.

big caper

Struggling with Stephen McNally for one beautiful prize, Jean Simmons.

bullet is waiting

Mixed up with diamonds, Barbara Rush and Timothy Carey.

flight to hong kong

Brother vs. Brother. Calhoun vs. Graves.

rogue river

Off to war with Bendix and Jaeckel.

young and the brave

Give the films of Rory a chance and learn to love the “B” film if you already haven’t.