Making the rounds today I came across a pristine copy of an Ernest Borgnine 1960 original film poster for the movie Pay Or Die. Reason enough to do a gallery on an actor that I have appreciated from my earliest years of watching movies and television. And a self serving photo.



Ernie starred in two of my all time favorites of which I know I have quite a few but these two titles really would place high in my top twenty or so. The Dirty Dozen and The Wild Bunch. The Dozen was more of a cameo role but as Dutch in The Wild Bunch he stood right alongside William Holden throughout this Peckinpah classic.


Ernie teamed with western favorites Strother Martin and Jack Elam in Hannie Caulder where they terrorized Raquel Welch till she turned the tables on them. I have a copy of this poster and what’s not to love!


The Oscar goes to ……. this great actor could play it gentle when called upon and melt our hearts.


Winning that Oscar put him opposite Miss Bette the following year.

catered affair

The uneasy alliance with Alan Ladd in the western version of The Asphalt Jungle.


The big budget hit and for me the best of the star studded disasters.

THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE - American Poster by Mort Kunstler 3

Appearing with long time pal Lee Marvin. Who dares to ride Shack’s train?


He’s coming for you.