Growing up I knew exactly who Telly Savalas was. So did every kid on the block. He was Kojak. His face was on the candy box down at the corner store hawking lollipops. Even as a kid I knew he carried a bigger than life aura around him that was kind of fun.


More importantly he was a member of The Dirty Dozen!

As for singing, I vaguely remember he dabbled. Thanks to the era we live in we can seek out these memories on line. So here you for your viewing and listening pleasure is Telly and a song we knew in our house because it had been on the country charts by Don Williams.

Then there is the biting whisper of Jack Palance that we can hear on his LP released into the country music field.


Jack was always one of the tough guys I loved seeing on tv growing up on the late show or on Ripleys where his voice meshed perfectly with the topics. As I got older I learned to appreciate his brand of over the top ham that he could emote when not reigned in by a firm hand behind the camera. As a matter of fact that over the top delivery creeps into his delivery on this old country standard when he made a guest appearance on the Porter Wagoner Show.

While the singing careers of Telly and Jack may not have landed them a show in Vegas or opening for Sinatra, it’s a fun look back to a time when they flirted with music even though we’ll always remember them for the impact they brought to the movie screens in some of our favorite films.