When it comes to Steve McQueen I’m old enough to remember as a young boy he was a “star” and all of us kids knew who he was. We were totally aware of the fact that women liked the guy but to us he was just cool. We’d see him on afternoon television as one of the Magnificent Seven and as Papillon trying to get off Devil’s Island. I am pretty sure our family gathered around our furniture styled television to watch the network debut in two parts of the Newman-McQueen pairing The Towering Inferno. I am quite sure it looked something like this.


Although his final two films, The Hunter and Tom Horn were not all that memorable I did hop onto a city bus and see them both at the theater and for that I am thankful as I wish I could say that about many other stars from the past.

“If you really knew how dirty and raggedy-assed the Old West was, you wouldn’t want any part of it.”

tom horn

McQueen: It’s out of control, and it’s coming your way. You got about fifteen minutes. Now, they wanna try somethin’. They wanna blow those water tanks two floors above you. They think it might kill the fire.

Newman:  [surveys room] How’re they gonna get the explosives up here?

McQueen : [after already having been given the task] Oh, they’ll find some dumb son of a bitch to bring it up.


” I told you to cut that out! This isn’t a game! ”


The only Oscar nomination in a film I watched repeatedly while growing up. “Holman come down!”

sand pebbles

“Listen, Christian, after the game, I’ll be The Man. I’ll be the best there is. People will sit down at the table with you, just so they can say they played with The Man. And that’s what I’m gonna be, Christian. ”

cincinatti kid

“You got no business up here. When the Krauts come, they’ll capture you and pull your fingernails. Then you’ll tell them everything they want to know.”


Now that I am getting older I realize just how young McQueen was when the world said goodbye.