With my focus on Oliver Reed films beginning shortly I went in search of some interesting appearances.


While there are plenty of Oliver Reed interviews available where he is well in his cups it is refreshing to see him discuss his career and how he goes about his craft while coherent and sober. I much prefer watching these snippets of Dear Ollie as opposed to the rather embarrassing drunken clips that seem to flood the internet. He’s very engaging and displays a wonderful sense of humor in these clips. Take the time to enjoy.

Here is one where he takes the stage and pokes a bit of fun at Richard Attenborough seated next to him.

Ollie in a 1988 wine commercial is a comic gem.

Explaining how he ended up on the wrong side of the jail cell doors after a night of carousing.

How about a trailer to Reed’s 1974 film The Three Musketeers. Check out the cast and know that Oliver was top billed. This one is a must see for those that haven’t had the chance or taken the time.