I would imagine that seeing Stewart Granger in The Wild Geese at the inception of the VHS era might be the first time I recall hearing my Mother pointing him out to me and telling me of his many adventurous roles in the 1950’s. Naturally I am looking at him in a film from 1978 as a rather arrogant grey haired back door politician who turns out to be a double crossing snake. It’s also the era of Roger Moore as Bond. At the time I see this film in the mid 80’s, he and Richard Harris are my primary interest.


Over the next decade to the turn of the century I slowly caught up with many of his roles through television viewings and some of his more well known titles on home video. Mom was right. Plenty of movies to enjoy. At this moment I now currently have 28 of his titles in my library and still haven’t seen them all yet. Perhaps another 5 straight days of Granger titles is in order.

granger 4

While selecting the films I focused on, I wanted to mainly stay with his MGM years. I am quite aware that he filmed mainly abroad in the sixties and will have to make an effort to view some of those titles as well. I did go looking on youtube for some lesser known films. If you have a look you can catch his Sherlock Holmes from the 1971 made for TV production of Hound of the Baskervilles. I had seen this years ago and took another look. I think he suits the role in this lesser production with a bumbling Bernard Fox as Watson and even William Shatner as Stapleton! I also noticed a mid sixties spy film I’ll have to have a peek at, Spies Against the World with Lex Barker and Klaus Kinski.

granger bio3

For many years I have had a soft cover copy of his autobiography Sparks Fly Upwards. A very good read. Earlier this year I was at a rummage sale and came across a nice condition hardcover copy and was very surprised to see it was a signed edition. So other than discovering some new film titles with Mr. Granger this year and revisiting some favorites, I am happy to see that not only was he a very good actor but had nice penmanship as well.

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