It’s hard not to have a fondness for the straight to video era. There were titles in all genres turning up weekly that would catch your attention for both the eye popping artwork on the case cover or how about the name actors splashed across the poster hanging in the store window.

hired to kill

Prominently displayed on this action flick’s cover you’ll find the name of legendary drinker/actor Oliver Reed and a couple of Oscar winners. George Kennedy and Jose Ferrer. Reed and Kennedy? Count me in!

Borrowing plot points from previous mercenary flicks we have a cross between The Dirty Dozen and The Wild Geese with an all girl squad led by our main fighting man and male chauvinist Brian Thompson.


George Kennedy is the man behind the mission. He calls out Thompson to take an elite group of women killing machines who will double as models to free politician Jose Ferrer from the military forces of Oliver Reed. This allows director Nico Mastorakis to give us plenty of violence mixed with slender bodies wearing bikinis.

hired 5

Thomas goes into Lee Marvin mode visiting jails around the planet to recruit his team of beautiful killers. After training classes on the model runway as well as in the field with machine guns and grenade launchers are completed, the girls and Thompson are off to the unnamed country under Reed’s control.

hired to

Once there it’s time to do photo layouts and model shows, much to Reed’s delight. With the girls keeping Reed’s roving eye busy, Thompson hopes to make contact with an agent already under Reed’s nose. Or should I say his enormous walrus mustache.


Best scene in the movie is when Reed corners Thompson about the beautiful girls, Thompson plants a big wet kiss on old Ollie’s mouth to show his sexual preference and maintain his cover. Reed is not amused. Not nearly as much as I was at seeing this he-man of the screen disgusted at Thompson’s advances.


Once our elite team finds out the whereabouts of Ferrer the gun fights start. While it’s all low budget and done on a small scale it’s refreshing to see some large scale explosions erupting on screen. As the rescue operation begins don’t be surprised if there may be a traitor in the group. Could our good friend George Kennedy be playing both sides against the middle?

Find yourself a copy and relive those glorious VHS days when actors like Oliver Reed turned up in countless low budget efforts that were never intended to play in theater houses across the continent.