Looking back I realize that the drive in craze was pretty much coming to an end during my childhood days and I am hard pressed to recall very many trips to the outdoor theaters with the swing sets in front of the giant sized screens.


I recall my parents talking about sitting in a crazy line up of cars to see a Planet of the Apes sequel with me in tow but I have no recollection of being there for that outing. I can only assume I was sound asleep in a car seat.

The funny thing is we lived close to a local drive in. I can remember driving by it on a regular basis. Now it’s location has been converted to a strip mall with a Toys R Us store. There was another local drive in operation that ran up until about 1990. The only one left in my area today is about an hours drive from my home. I have been to it once as an adult. I took my kids to see the atrocious Rocky and Bullwinkle flick there a few years back.

I believe my earliest memory of actually going to a drive in was to see a double bill. Outlaw Blues and Killer Force. A double Peter Fonda bill. I was of course dragged along by an older crowd of teens. They were probably told they had to take me along. The best thing of the whole night was the fact that I knew the one actor in Killer Force was none other than Dracula himself. Christopher Lee.

During my youth, Jaws hit the screens and I remember driving my parents crazy to see Grizzly. The latest nature flick to feature a hungry animal hunting down us lowly humans on the food chain. I still love this flick.


And how about sneaking in to the drive in cramped under a bed in the back of an old van with two other under aged kids. Yup, I did that too. The double bill was Death Wish 2 and Lucio Fulci’s Zombie. No way we were gonna miss the latest Bronson feature. Me and the other two boys cajoled a good natured hockey coach of ours into driving us down in his old van. We had a great time watching Charlie cut down the latest cast of criminals as well as the famed Zombie vs. shark scene in the Fulci bloodfest.

I also recall wishing I could drive and go more often as they would host all night horror features that included re released Hammer films and other horrors that I wouldn’t see till they finally turned up on VHS at the nearest outlets.

Writing this I do know I went to see Murphy’s Law as I was old enough to borrow Dad’s car and take a lucky girl with me to see the latest Bronson offering. If I remember correctly it played with Tough Guys. That’s a double feature worth paying for!

My favorite drive in story has to do with collecting film posters. When the one local drive in shut down, I pretty much cleaned them out of posters that had been sitting around for the last 20 years. The Godfather, Death Wish, Outlaw Josie Wales, Taxi Driver and so on. That was a good day.

So how about you? Any drive in memories to share?