A couple of months ago I had fun featuring 5 straight days of Errol Flynn and wanted to do something similar with another actor. So here I am focusing on Alan Ladd mainly because I have always liked him in films and find that he is generally one of the forgotten box office kings of yesteryear. Growing up I saw most of his films on late night television but today find they are rare and hardly ever surface. With all the dvd sales and box sets dedicated to stars of the golden era Ladd has somehow been ignored.

So starting this Thursday June 5th I am going to select five Ladd films and run with them. Like I did with Flynn I am going to pick some titles that I haven’t seen in years so as much as I love Shane I will pass over it for this spotlight on Mr. Ladd.

So check back starting Thursday and either rekindle an interest in Ladd or discover him and look into watching some of his films like Calcutta that I spoke of earlier this year.

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5