Since Starting this project of sharing my passion for rediscovering past cinema I have not reviewed anything from this century. That doesn’t mean I don’t watch recent films as I do try to keep up. Just last week I lost 90 minutes of my life watching Taken 2. Oh well. it happens. But today I watched a film that is relatively new but dealt with the production of a classic film so I thought that this would fit in nicely with my choice of topics I have been sharing since January 1st of this year.

week with marilyn

Michelle Williams plays Marilyn Monroe here and does a wonderful job of letting us see the icon behind the make-up. Just as I have always imagined her. Someone who just wants to be loved as the girl next door but is trapped in the body of the most famous woman in the world. The film covers Marilyn’s trip to England and working with Sir Laurence Olivier on the production of The Prince and the Showgirl. Kenneth Branagh stars here and quite appropriately as Sir Larry. Branagh does a splendid job of capturing the look and mannerisms of Olivier. Both of our leading actors were nominated for Academy Awards and justifiably so.


As a self proclaimed movie buff it’s the role of Colin played by Eddie Redmayne that makes me just want to live the experience that he is sharing with us. He’s a young newbie in the film world who basically finds himself becoming Marilyn’s confidante both on set and off. To spend a day with the most glamorous of stars walking hand in hand through the English country side to going skinny dipping with innocent Norma Jean has to be an absolutely incredible experience to cherish for a lifetime. For those that love good if not great films about Hollywood, check this one out. I just love films that bring the stars to life that we care about and idolize. Especially when done this well. Full marks to director Simon Curtis and the film crew for sending us back to 1956.

Also turning up here are Emma Watson, Julia Ormond as Vivien Leigh and Judi Dench as an aging actress who sees the flaws in Marilyn and offers support where she can.