ok corral

There are some solid films out this week but for me the decision is easy when it comes to selecting one title to spend my money on. This has always been the best of the Corral films as far as I am concerned despite some stiff competition from John Ford and more recently Tombstone. No other screen union can take the place of Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas teaming up to play Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday. Gotta love the theme as well from Frankie Lane. I still hum it occasionally around the house.

From the opening song to a who’s who of supporting players this John Sturges production is a first class outing. Sturges was a top flight director who could handle the rugged he man films that assembled all male casts. Films like The Great Escape and The Magnificent Seven as well as the Spencer Tracy standout Bad Day at Black Rock.

Curvy Rhonda Fleming appears here as Burt’s love interest and Jo Van Fleet does a nice turn as Kirk’s girl in a tortuous lover affair. As for supporting players, how about John Ireland, Dennis Hopper, Earl Holliman, Lee Van Cleef, Jack Elam, DeForest Kelly and Kenneth Tobey. If you know your westerns than that cast should be cause enough for excitement let alone the fact that the film is thoroughly enjoyable. How about DeForest Kelly, Star Trek fans should know that he had a chance to revisit the O.K. Corral theme in a Trek episode.

So get me a horse, I’m ready to saddle up!

Lastly, if westerns are not your thing check out an Australian import from 1979 starring David Hemmings and Henry Silva titled Thirst. Pretty decent vampire effort.