Poster%20-%20Bride%20by%20Mistake_01From RKO studios comes along this light bit of fluff starring the very attractive Laraine Day. Not exactly a classic screwball comedy but diverting enough for 81 minutes of your time. Our leading lady is a rich and very eligible young woman who can’t get past would be suitors interested in nothing more than her money. One way to rectify this is to switch places with her secretary at engagements to see how men act around who they believe to be her. From this viewpoint she hopes to land a hubby. Fatherly advice comes in the form of Edgar Buchanan in a role that allows him to play it soberly without being the slobberly drunkard for a change. In walks returning WW2 soldier Alan Marshal and we might just have a compatible match if the characters can get thru the usual shenanigans that ensue in a mistaken identity romantic comedy of the era.

The film is actually a remake of an earlier title, The Richest Girl In the World that starred Miriam Hopkins and Joel McCrea released in 1934. It was written by Henry and Phoebe Ephron who specialized in light comedy and musicals including Carousel and Desk Set. Richard Wallace who directed the film would work again with Laraine Day on the John Wayne picture Tycoon. He had a varied career behind the camera doing genres ranging from comedy to noir working with Shirley Temple on one film and John Garfield the next. Our leading lady Miss Day worked in a number of Dr. Kildare pictures before graduating to some lead roles in films like this one as well as appearing opposite some up and comers like Kirk Douglas and Robert Mitchum. As the film roles disappeared she would remain active on television into the 80’s. It’s films like these that have remained in relative obscurity and one that I would probably never have seen if it wasn’t for the Warner Archive collection. Who says DVD sales are dead?