The mid to late 60’s found numerous spy spoofs being released to local cinema’s after the incredible success of the James Bond franchise. This time out Doris Day joins in the fun along with costar Rod Taylor. From MGM and producer Marty Melcher (Doris’ hubby) comes this Frank Tashlin directed effort. After a chance encounter between our 2 leads the shenanigans are under way. Taylor is a NASA inventor who has an invention the Russians are eager to acquire. According to security man Paul Lynde, Doris is an undercover agent strictly interested in Taylor to get at the secrets locked in his safe. The first portion of the film doesn’t work to well as Tashlin and the script try to squeeze Doris into scenes best left to Jerry Lewis. Once we get into the espionage portion of the film through to the finale it fares much better as does Doris. Taylor and Day do well on screen together and had worked together the previous year in Do Not Disturb.

glass boat

As is so ofter the case it’s the standup comedians in the supporting roles that really shine. Dom DeLuise and Paul Lynde offer the most laughs in the latter part of the film and someone who sure looks a lot like Napoleon Solo turns up as well. For Bewitched fans it’s kind of funny that Doris’ next door neighbors are indeed the Kravitz’s moonlighting from the TV sitcom. Doris does manage to squeeze in the title song and even a satire of Que Sera Sera for those who like me enjoy Doris’ singing. Rod Taylor does fine in this but I still prefer him in harder films like Dark of the Sun. All in all not a bad 60’s spy romp.