Made at the height of Stewart Granger’s box office clout he is teamed here with Grace Kelly just as she was hitting her stride. Filmed in Cinemascope with Stereophonic sound according to the film’s trailer this is a colorful South American adventure where Granger is trying to organize a hunt for Emeralds, the Green Fire. Along for the ride is the always reliable Paul Douglas as the third lead. The film is a by the numbers effort from director Andrew Marton who had previously directed the Granger hit King Solomon’s Mines. This time out Granger is strictly in it for himself and the ritches he seeks to find with Kelly and her coffee plantation standing in the way. Cave Ins, bandits and land slides are just another day at the office allowing Granger to exchange punches, gunplay and Indiana Jones style heroics in order to keep the excitement coming in this MGM production.


Of all Princess Grace’s films this is the one to me that seems like she is replaceable with pretty much any other contract player. Perhaps that is why it it may be the least known of her films. Not to worry as she still looks good sitting on a horse with a bright blue sky for a backdrop. Paul Douglas of course makes a play for Grace but wouldn’t you know it she has fallen for……I won’t ruin it for you. My favorite bit of Stewart Granger trivia is that his real name is Jimmy Stewart!