Flying Tigers (1942)

From Republic Pictures comes the latest John Wayne big screen war time adventure circa 1942 following the United States entry to the Second World War. Duke takes center stage as […]

A Message to Garcia (1936)

I got more than I bargained for when I pressed play on this 20th Century Fox release that I was drawn to thanks to the participation of screen legend, Barbara […]

Singing With the Stars #2

Now that I’m back to wandering through the local antique stores and malls looking for original movie posters and lobby cards I’m always reminded of one certainty. Very rarely do […]

July 2021 In Review

Picking up where I left off last month, I was mired in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and my beloved Habs came up short in the end against the powerful Tampa […]

I, Monster (1971)

Jekyll and Hyde? ….. Marlow and Blake? ….. Jekyll and Hyde? ….. No I’m sure the names were Doctor Marlowe and Mr. Blake in this Amicus thriller “based on a […]

Death Wish 3 (1985)

I know exactly where I was at 7 PM, November 1st, 1985. Being turned away from the box office at the debut of Death Wish 3 because I was three […]

P.J. (1968)

The ever popular “private eye” genre takes center stage with a perfectly cast George Peppard as our resident P.I. who goes by the name P.J. Detweiler. Peppard is matched on […]

Savage Dawn (1985)

Here’s a throwback to the days of the VHS rental when movies would just appear out of nowhere on the new release shelf and the names or art on the […]