June 2021 in Review

Yes I’m still watching movies at a regular clip but when the hockey team you’ve been cheering for since the day you were born has defied the odds and made […]

Mean Johnny Barrows (1976)

Having cemented his image of the tough no-nonsense hero on screen by the mid seventies, Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, went one step further and made his directorial debut with this […]

Charles Durning : Law Enforcement Officer

Have you ever stopped to wonder just how many times the prolific character actor, Charles Durning, was enlisted as a member of the police force in both theatrical and television […]

May 2021 In Review

I’ll start by confessing that the Stanley Cup Playoffs are the most important thing going on right now and while my movie watching habits don’t take a back seat, my […]

Journey Into Fear (1975)

This Canadian backed production was the second big screen version of Eric Ambler’s novel of the same title. Rather than compare this version to the 1943 film that starred Orson […]

Lisbon (1956)

This made on location tale of mystery and smugglers was the second film that Oscar winning actor, Ray Milland, stepped behind the camera to do double duty on. The first […]