Fighting Mad (1976)

When watching a movie from the Roger Corman stable of productions there should be a certain expectation level going in which includes some violence and nudity for the drive in crowd. For […]

The Amazing Mr. X (1948)

Here is an independent production from Eagle Lion Films that is a low budget gem worth seeking out. Lynn Bari is a grieving widow whose sister Cathy O’Donnell is urging […]

Mickey Rooney Memories

   Just heard on the radio this morning that Mick has left us. Not a surprising announcement considering his age I guess. Got me to thinking about my recollections of […]

Eddie Macon’s Run (1983)

Here’s a later day Kirk Douglas film that I remember playing at the theater when I was growing up. The other kids in my age bracket were talking about John […]

Cause For Alarm! (1951)

For this MGM black and white feature from Tay Garnett we have Loretta Young starring in a film produced and scripted by her then husband Tom Lewis. This is a […]

Edge of Darkness (1943) Errol Flynn Day 3

“LET HIM LOOK TO NORWAY.” So says Winston Churchill over the closing credits of this black and white Warner Brothers WW2 would be propaganda film. Here we are years removed […]

Picture Snatcher (1933)

In a scene not uncommon to Cagney films we see Jimmy released from Sing Sing as the opening credits come to an end. The old gang members are there to […]

Merton of the Movies (1947)

From MGM we have here Red Skelton dreaming of becoming a serious actor in the days of silent films. From his small home town he idolizes the screen heroics of […]

Crashout (1955)

With a fast moving camera we dive right into this prison break film with our cast being introduced on the run led by William Bendix and Arthur Kennedy. This is […]


Starting Tuesday April 1st I am going to rediscover some Errol Flynn titles. Films that I haven’t seen in at least 10 years. I have been meaning to hi-light a […]