More movie tie ins down at the local book shop that you might have missed when that movie was playing at the local theater you couldn’t wait to check out. On the other hand, perhaps some novels that you spotted at the local book dealer prompting you to say that movie will never do the book justice.

George Kennedy goes the Death Wish route for this big screen act of violence and mayhem.


Disney on the written page for a just $3.95 Canadian.


John Travolta and his real hair featured on the movie tie in for one his most famous titles.


Surely this movie didn’t upset anyone who read this book before seeing the film. Top notch Sean Connery flick this time out.


The TV western tie in thanks to Whitman Books featured many film stars on the cover including John Payne.


No I didn’t read this hanky job but did see Jack give his Oscar winning performance.


Speaking of Jack, here’s that other film you might have heard about that gave him his first Oscar. How Hollywood history might have changed had Kirk Douglas been able to put this together a few years earlier.


Here’s Donald Crisp proving movie ties are not the product of the seventies.


Spotting Ollie Reed on a cover was a natural for me to sneak in to this “take”.


Now how about these .35 cent relics from the classic western era.

Widmark vs. Taylor or Douglas vs. Quinn? Which two would you rather see tangle?

20161125_165431 20161125_165440

20161125_165450 20161125_165522

Not quite the same meaning as the above “novel ideas”, here’s a fellow Canadian having made good in Hollywood giving another medium a go that I happened to catch at a local nightclub earlier this year.


In case you don’t recognize him…….. it’s not Donald…….. it’s …….