Bride By Mistake (1944)

From RKO studios comes along this light bit of fluff starring the very attractive Laraine Day. Not exactly a classic screwball comedy but diverting enough for 81 minutes of your […]

The Fourth War (1990)

If you grew up in the shadow of Jaws like yours truly then just like me you pretty much think Roy Scheider was one of the coolest guys on the […]

Corruption (1968)

Something a little different from the career of Peter Cushing films in that it is much more of a modern day slasher film and less of a fantasy/horror film that […]

The Mayor of Hell (1933)

There is nothing quite like watching the Warner Brothers BIG 3 acting tough (Eddie, Bogie and Jimmy-sorry George) and this time out we get James Cagney and the Dead End […]

The Collector (1965)

From legendary director William Wyler, the man responsible for films ranging from The Heiress to Ben-Hur and countless other landmark titles comes this gripping thriller that I am almost ashamed […]

Nevada Smith (1966)

In 1964 Alan Ladd played the character of Nevada Smith in the The Carpetbaggers starring George Peppard. This film takes the character and gives us a prequel with Steve McQueen […]

Nocturne (1946)

After George Raft had ended his association with Warner Brothers he moved around and landed at RKO for this noir styled mystery. This time out we have Raft as a […]

Between Heaven and Hell (1956)

This WW2 saga from screenwriter Harry Brown (Sands of Iwo Jima) was directed by workhorse Richard Fleischer. Fleischer is a guy who directed feature films from  1948 to 1987 and […]

The Devil Is a Woman (1935)

Directed and Photographed by Josef von Sternberg. There’s a credit we don’t see on films anymore. Once again Marlene Dietrich turns herself over to von Sternberg’s care and looks absolutely […]

Scream of Fear (1961)

It’s no secret that Hammer Films made a few Hitchcock styled thrillers in the early 1960’s and although they are on a Hammer budget without Dracula or the Baron, that […]

Piper Laurie Memoir (2011)

I have always appreciated seeing Piper Laurie on screen whether it was her early roles at Universal International in easy going fare co starring alongside Tony Curtis in Son of […]

Badge 373 (1973)

With a new class of actors on the rise in the 1970’s and each taking a turn as a hardened cop it was only inevitable that Robert Duvall would join […]

No Time For Love (1943)

Long before My Three Sons and becoming the go to actor for a fatherly role in Walt Disney productions from the late fifties into the seventies leading man Fred MacMurray […]