Never missing an opportunity to reminisce about the movies and actors that populate them, when I think back to discovering who Donald Sutherland was and connecting the name to the face, a lot had to do with my Dad’s love of baseball and the Montreal Expos. Not to mention my discovering The Dirty Dozen at a young age. The film I most frequently turn to when someone eggs me on to naming my all time favorite film. Getting back to the Expos, it just always seemed that my Dad would be sure to point out to anyone within ear shot, “There’s Donald Sutherland in the crowd. He goes to nearly every game.” while watching the ball game on television.


The other film I distinctly recall seeing at a young age wasn’t due to Sutherland’s participation though his vignette is very memorable. It’s the movie Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors featuring the deadly duo of horror films, Chris Lee and Peter Cushing.


I’m glad to see that Mr. Sutherland is still a presence in Canada and recall when the 2010 Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver, he was visible at the games and supplied numerous on screen narrations for the many athletes stories from our homeland. He never seems to stop working and when seeing his name on a casting list, it’s usually enough to lure me in. Donald has an incredible amount of credits in film to his name and truly a character actor at heart. While he played the lead in many films, his shorter roles in movies like JFK can be a standout.


I urge you all to go back and revisit or discover for the first time his many movies and characterizations. From the hippie to the elder statesman. Maybe a good guy or maybe bad.

“I’m drinking wine and eating cheese, and catching some rays, you know. “


I’ve yet to see this one but I love this poster where Donald is clearly the focal point.


“Miss Daniels, can I ask you some questions now? “


Who’d have thought that Pinkley aka Number 2 would be featured on a poster looking like a James Bond wannabe with a sexy dish to prove it.


“Nothing is what it seems. “


“When they are all chasing after the poor bloody fox, it’s safer to be dressed like a hound. “


Joining fellow Canadian Christopher Plummer in one of the best Sherlock Holmes films to grace the screen.


“No! Oh, no! You pick me clean, you put me in a coffin with a rotten, stinking cat, and now you strip me bollock naked. “



“The war has come down to the two of us. “


With over 150 credits to his name, there are just to many posters to settle on but here’s a recent one that allowed Donald to share the screen with son Kiefer. For the record, I liked it.


I believe the first Sutherland film I saw in a movie theater was Invasion of the Body Snatchers with my parents. Scared the hell out of me. I’d have featured the poster here but Donald’s image isn’t on it. So I’ll go with this original 1979 release that I saw in movie houses featuring some solid art work (what we don’t get anymore) that I’ve pulled from the vault here at home. It was a Canadian production that had Donald leading a top flight cast including Chris Lee, Richard Widmark, Lloyd Bridges and Miss Vanessa Redgrave.