Movie tie-ins continue to pop up on my many journeys through second hand book shops and memorabilia shows that I frequent. Some I pick up for my own collection of movie related articles, while others I just sneak a pic while the vendor looks on wondering just what the heck I’m up to.

So let’s have some fun and pick out something to read.

Up for a good thriller? The movie had me on pins and needles…..

Remarque’s novel back in print for readers circa 1979 to back up the telefilm/remake starring Richard Thomas and Ernest Borgnine.

Perhaps a dash of Caan and Arkin is more to your liking.

Here’s another classic of both literature and the movies for us fans of Robert Mitchum and Charlotte Rampling.

I’d like to think any movie with The Duke has a good read to accompany it.

I’ll admit to not thinking all that much of this Hitch film with Newman and Andrews. Maybe the book is better?

A blonde Sophia never did sit well with me. But then I’ll watch anything with her or Anthony Quinn.

How about a double helping of Tony Curtis tie-ins?

Duke and Douglas. A match made in western movie heaven but does the magic translate to the written page?

Rewrite Stoker? Here’s the proof to tie-in with Herzog and Kinski’s take on Murnau’s silent classic.

Keeping up my love for all things Hammer, I picked up this Dennis Wheatley novel that features lovely Suzanna Leigh on the jacket.

Noir fans? Here’s 35 cents well spent to read up on just what Harry Belafonte and Robert Ryan are up to in this 1959 thriller.

Oliver Reed and Candice Bergen are on the run from Gene Hackman in this violent western.

This time Gene makes the cover and why not, it’s a sequel to one of his greatest films.

Now here’s one I’d never pass on. Awesome artwork with Charles Bronson on the cover. “The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, but I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep. Remember. Miles to go before I sleep.”

Perhaps Moore and Marvin on the cover might get you to part with some cash.

Still hooked on westerns? Yul Brynner and Richard Crenna in a Louis L’Amour oater might fit the bill.

Now here’s a curio that I’m thinking I should have picked up as opposed to stealing a snapshot. Correct me if I’m wrong but that IS Marilyn isn’t it?

Here’s something a bit different and sure to put a smile on the faces of Janet Leigh fans.

So grab your library cards and sign one out for the week. Just remember late charges will apply. Movie tie-ins will return once I round up another 15 or 20 book covers.