While I can’t speak for the rest of you who drop in on occasion, my movie viewing dropped back to it’s normal output now that I’m back to work full time in the real world. But then my count of movies seen are generally greater than the average bear. What I haven’t been able to do is feature as many films in write ups as I used to in the past.

Before getting to my monthly roll call I’d like to pay tribute to the lovely Linda Cristal who passed away June 27th. For us Bronson disciples she proved to be a fine match for the icon in 1974’s Mr. Majestyk.

and June’s count begins…..

The Wild One (1953)Brando has that iconic look but this has really aged badly. 

The Monster That Challenged the World (1957) – Sci-Fi fun with Tim Holt taking on a monster from the deep.

Men In War – Aldo Ray tangles with Robert Ryan and the North Koreans.

The Dead Pool (1988) I’m still not fussy on this wrap up to the Dirty Harry series but it has it’s moments.

The Bastard (1968) – Interesting cast in this Eurocrime thriller. Giuliano Gemma, Klaus Kinski and ….. Rita Hayworth!

Scorpio – Fine espionage thriller with Burt Lancaster looking to outwit Alain Delon.

Shadow of Doubt (1935) Enjoyable murder mystery with Ricardo Cortez and Virginia Bruce.

Cobra (1986) Deep down I don’t consider this a very good movie but I will say it’s fun for us 80’s kids. 

The Hustle (2019) Aside from a few funny gags I didn’t think this updating of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was all that good.

The Rounders – A real gem with Glenn Ford and Henry Fonda as modern day cowboys.

Fixed Bayonets (1951) – First rate war film from Samuel Fuller led by the gruff Gene Evans. 

Angel Has Fallen (2019)Third installment in the Gerard Butler wanna be Die Hard franchise is at least better than the 2nd film thanks in large part to Nick Nolte. 

Death Ship – A guilty pleasure with George Kennedy and Richard Crenna aboard a Nazi Death ship.

A couple of Perry Mason mysteries starring Warren William. Kind of creaky and I’m so accustomed to Raymond Burr in the role. 

Face to Face (1967)Superior spaghetti western starring Gian Maria Volonte and Tomas Milian is easy to recommend if you can get the full length Italian version.

The Screaming Skull (1958) – Low budget thriller was better than I expected on my first viewing. 

The Dirty Dozen (1967)

The Dozen was an easy pick for Father’s Day with Ethan and Kirk seen here as we ogle “the stuff that dreams are made of.” 

Guns Girls and Gangsters – What’s not to like when Mamie Van Doren meets Lee Van Cleef?

Strike Commando (1987)Reb Brown goes Rambo in this overseas exploitation affair. 

Witchboard (1986) A fun revisit from my VHS days. 

Great Gus (1941)Time is well spent when paying a visit to Laurel and Hardy. 

Knives Out (2019)Caught up to this star studded mystery and had a great time with it. Daniel Craig’s detective plays like a cross between Clouseau and Columbo. Yes, I had a good time.

Wanted : Dead or Alive (1986)A Rutger Hauer action classic from the 80’s. 

Diagnosis : Murder – Nifty Christopher Lee murder mystery. Did he do it or not?

The Redeemer (1978)something I had lying about on blu ray. Forgettable low budget slasher flick. 

Fate is the Hunter (1964)A stellar Glenn Ford tries to unravel the mystery of a plane crash in this star studded affair. A long overdue revisit and one I enjoyed. 

Blood and Flesh : The Reel Life and Ghastly Death of Al Adamson (2019) – For fans of the schlock filmmaker and cult cinema in general this documentary is required viewing.

I also wrapped up the Zatoichi series released on blu ray by Criterion. I caught the final four of the 25 films in the set to start the month. These come with my highest recommendation and will no doubt be one of the major highlights when I look back at the movies I will have seen for the first time in 2020.

Closed the month out with another revisit. This time to Lee Van Cleef’s entry in The Magnificent Seven series. No classic but it’s a damned sight better than 1966’s Return of the Seven. And it’s also one hell of a one sheet that can be found here in the vault at Mike’s Take. Until next month.