The short month. The Olympics, hockey, spring training camps opening and trying to cram as many episodes of Impractical Jokers as is possible every time number 2 son Kirk comes home on weekends from college in a zany attempt to clear out my overloaded PVR. What does that mean? It means newer movies took a substantial drop for the month but me and the boys laughed so hard we may have popped a hernia watching the hijinks of those four jokesters. My wife says it’s a guy thing so gentleman, if you haven’t seen this show, it comes with my highest recommendation.

On to the line up…..

The Doberman Gang – Brando’s Pick of the Month

Hornet’s Nest – Rock Hudson WW2 actioner

A 5 Pack of VHS Horrors with Perkins, Demi, Carradine, giant crabs and deep sea monsters

Stick – Burt Reynolds acts out Elmore Leonard

Cattle King – A little time spent with Robert Taylor

Diabolically Yours – Alain Delon thriller with Senta Berger

Mother Lode – Heston stars in and directs this underrated thriller

Fist Fight (2017)

I got a kick out of this one and that’s in large part to the two actors cast in the lead roles and the crazy plot they’ve been dropped into. Ice Cube stars as one scary high school teacher alongside Charlie Day as the meek English teacher with little in the way of a spine. When Day doesn’t back up Ice’s story after accusations of turning violent in the classroom resulting in his dismissal when the day will come to an end, Cube throws the gauntlet down and tells Charlie they’re to meet in the schoolyard at 3 o’clock for an old fashioned fist fight. Crazy comedy scenarios ensue and while it’s no classic, I laughed and that’s really all that matters.

The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell – Gary Cooper tangles with military protocol

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf – Long overdue but I caught up with this puppy dog like Lon Chaney

Mr. Music – I still love the films of Bing Crosby though I do pretend to be a Bronson like tough guy

Maniac – It’s never a dull time when Oliver Reed is involved

Slumming with George Zucco – a cinematic pleasure

The Train – Amazing Burt Lancaster flick revisited thanks to Number 2 son Kirk’s desire to see it. A MUST SEE!

Pit Stop – A great personal discovery on this low budget Jack Hill racing flick

Cabo Blanco – The “lost” Charles Bronson film

Play the Game (2009)

Andy Griffith’s final film casts him as a grandfather who ‘s widowed and living in a senior citizens home. His grandson is a ladies man and decides to give Gramps a few lessons on how to win some of the widowed ladies attentions. Before we know it, Andy is a regular Don Juan and scoring with more than he can handle. It’s a family affair when we stop to consider the film also casts Rance and Clint Howard. Ron’s father and brother who of course harken back to the days of Mayberry and the show I still count as my all time favorite. 

Deliver Us From Evil and A Cry In The Wilderness  – A pair of George Kennedy telefilms

Buckskin – Barry Sullivan oater from the 60’s

Buffalo Bill – A fine Joel McCrea effort highlighted by Maureen O’Hara’s beauty

Rounders (1998)

Again it’s number 2 son Kirk looking to see some of his favorite character players all appearing in one film. It’s one of those movies that poker players never get enough of and though I’ve pretty much retired from the game, there was a time when I like most guys who dabble fancied themselves a player. How’s this for a cast….. Matt Damon, Edward Norton, Famke Janssen, Martin Landau, John Malkovich, Jon Turturro and Gretchen Mol. Small timer that I am, I did retire with more than I started with. Just in case you’re wondering.

The Black Cat – Basil and Bela ….. works for me

Operation Petticoat – Cary Grant and Tony Curtis produce a winner

Diamonds Are Forever – Connery as Bond never grows old

Comments? What’s your score on this selection? How many have you seen?

Back to the movie room and who knows what.