If you were always on the look out for back issues of monster magazines like Famous Monsters of Filmland or The Castle of Frankenstein while growing up, then the ultra cool sounding titles  with accompanying photos presented within the pages from director Al Adamson had you hooked. Having discovered the Universal Monster series on the late show at a young age and becoming a fan of the gothic creatures, titles like Dracula Vs. Frankenstein, Hell’s Bloody Devils or The Blood of Dracula’s Castle had me hoping these terrors would turn up on the late show as well. Not only did the titles promise the continuing sagas of the Classic Monsters but some of his films employed the aging stars from the early days of on screen horrors. Lon Chaney Jr., John Carradine and J. Carrol Naish.

While I can’t swear to it, I think my first Adamson film may have been Doctor Dracula as it turned up on VHS and of course I nagged away at Mom long enough to have her give in and rent it. I may have been young but this was no Universal Monsters classic. Then came Zoltan Arkoff as the King of the vampires in Dracula Vs. Frankenstein and the illusion was gone. The films of Al were quickly becoming a disappointment but I have to admit there is a charm to these long past terrors meant for the drive in crowd. The exploitation titles alone are classic as is some of the movie poster art used to sell the films to an eager public.

Like Edward D. Wood, Al’s films have found an audience who love a good “bad” film on occasion so join in and give one or two a try. As for Al, tragically he met with an unfortunate end at the hands of a killer in the mid 90’s in what might make for a good film in itself someday.

Some old timers signed on for this cycle saga including the Colonel himself. “Isn’t that the most wonderful chicken you ever ate? “

Hard to build on that career when the director’s name doesn’t make the one sheet.

For me this would be the holy grail of Al’s posters…… some day. ” And all those who would meddle in the destinies of Frankenstein and Dracula… will see an infernal bloodbath the likes of which has not swept the Earth before!”

Taking a Russ Meyer slant on the advertising campaign this time out.

The explosion of women kicking ass in films roped Al into directing this one.

girls for rent one shhet

Another pair of Adamson-Carradine teamings in their lucrative series of on going titles.


Man does that guy on the left look like Ernie Borgnine in The Devil’s Rain.

What prompted a look at the film posters of this low budget schlock king? I recently added an original poster to the personal vault here at Mike’s Take. While it wasn’t Death Dimension…..

it was the alternative titled version Freeze Bomb that tried to capitalize on the James Bond connection with some kick ass artwork.

We’ve even added Aldo Ray into the mix as you can see in the corner just above Al’s credit and don’t forget…… it was filmed on location on the mustang ranch!

Now go on line and tell NETFLIX to add some of these great Al Adamson titles to their playlist.